Modern Mothers Monthly Yoga Social

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A monthly friendly yoga gathering aiming to bring women together for some reviving & relaxing yoga. A longer class so time for tea, chocolate & chat too. YES! This is a yoga class to feel good, to find time for you, some time for self-care, and to come back to yourself beyond the (often all consuming) role of being a mother. To feel space, ease and freedom in your body and your mind. And to connect with like minded women in a friendly space too.

We will move, flow and find energy and space in the body, and release tension and stress. Spend time with simple but super effective breathing practices to calm and de-stress. Learn simple meditation practices to feel connected and grounded, that you can then use whenever you need to in daily life. And ending with some delicious and replenishing restorative yoga postures (lying down, with bolsters and blankets!) to really let go and find some deep ease in the body, replenish your energy and deeply rest and and relax (great if you're sleep has not been the best!). All of the stuff that brings you back to yourself.

It's going to be joyful, fun, relaxed and yoga that's for everyone. All welcome. It's irrelevant how old your small (or not so small) person is, you may be counting in months or years! But my suggestion that at least 4 months post natal (email me to discuss if less than that, everyone is different of course). Or how much yoga you've done before. ALL welcome.

(plus optional post-yoga visit to The Fox pub afterwards to make an evening of it....should you wish to)

movement ~ relaxation ~ community


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Aimed at:

  • Mothers who can get out in the evening without their small person (it may be months or years after baby has arrived)

  • Mothers who need a little baby free time to connect with other women.

  • Mothers who want to replenish themselves, to fill their own cup for once.

  • Mothers who want to get some movement back into their body, and feel the energy flowing within them

  • Mothers wanting find calm and find clarity in their mind.

  • Mothers wanting to restore vitality and energy.

  • All levels of yoga experience - no previous yoga necessary.

  • Mothers who find it hard to make a regular weekly class, but still want some regular yoga time with like-minded women.

What we'll do:

  • We’ll work with simple breathing practices to find calmness and balance in body and mind. And some beautiful meditation to help us reconnect to ourselves, and celebrate our own magic.

  • We’ll get moving with some gently energising breath-centred flowing yoga postures to gently warm and awaken the body and ease out tightness and tension. Suitable for everyone with adaptations for all bodies, any injuries and how you’re feeling on the night.

  • Then we’ll move into some deeply restful and utterly gorgeous Restorative Yoga postures. These will be lying down (oh YES!) using lots of bolsters, blankets and props. These shapes really focus on allow the body to yield and release, as well as calming the nervous system and helping to bring your body into it’s ‘relaxation response’. Giving you time to practice stillness in body and mind.

  • We'll end with a beautiful deep guided relaxation done lying down, that really calms the mind.

  • We’ll have time for tea, chat and chocolate too. Because the social connections are as important as the ‘yoga’. Actually the social bit is yoga too, it’s called ‘sangha’ and means community. So it’s ALL yoga after all.

  • There will also be some great music, some aromatherapy oils, and as the nights draw in candlelight too. It all adds to the gorgeousness of the evening.

How you'll feel:

You'll leave this yoga class feeling:

  • stretched, energized and released of tension

  • revived in body and mind

  • nourished and ready for the weekend ahead

  • calmer, more spacious and deeply rested

  • supported by other women, and more trusting of yourself


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When & where:

  • When? Now booking for the first event: ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

    • Friday 13th September 2019 - SOLD OUT

    • Friday 18th October

    • Friday 15th November

    • No December event! Back in January 2020

  • What time? 7.30pm to 9pm

  • Where? York Yoga Studio, 112 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4EY. This is a really beautiful, tranquil space with all the equipment you'll need (mats, bolsters, blocks etc). Lots of free and easy on street parking available. Bike racks and on good bus route too

  • How much? £9 Including delicious home made chocolates an tea too.

To book simply use the ‘Book Now’ button below for September 13th to book online: