Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Spending a bit more time with yoga than in a weekly class, my yoga workshops and mini retreats in and around York give you more time to really connect into yourself and deepen your practice. From a few hours, an afternoon to a day or longer. They can also be a brilliant alternative way for people whose busy lives make a regular weekly class difficult to commit to, have some regular yoga in their lives too.

ALL my workshops and mini retreats are really inclusive, friendly and are suitable for EVERYONE, including total beginners. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • ‘Slow Sundays’ monthly Yoga Workshops

  • Pregnancy Yoga Mini Retreat

  • Yoga For Better Sleep Workshop

  • Creative Workshops

Upcoming Dates - Summer/Autumn 2019


Pregnancy Yoga // Mini Retreat // York Yoga Studio 

Next date: Friday 13th September 2019 |  2pm to 5pm | York Yoga Studio, York

A gorgeous afternoon of nurturing yoga for all pregnant ladies, from 14 weeks to birth. Perfect for women who can't make a weekly pregnancy yoga class, or who want some extra yoga me-time in pregnancy. Includes movement, calming and focussing breath work, deep relaxation, visualisations, positive affirmations in a lovely setting with other mums-to-be. You'll leave feeling revived, relaxed and taken care of. There will be nutritious and delicious snacks, homemade cake and homemade chocolates too. - what more could you want? Find out more about my More information on pregnancy yoga mini retreat & workshop here.

What we'll do:

  • What we'll do:

    • The retreat will begin with gorgeous fresh fruit, juice / smoothies or homemade delicious hot drinks (weather dependent!) on arrival.

    • We’ll do a short gentle movement based yoga practice to ease and aches and niggles and gently stretch and ease your pregnant body.

    • Followed by yoga and hypnobirthing breathing practices to find space in our hearts and calm and ground body and mind.

    • We’ll take up some delicious supportive restorative postures for pregnancy, where you can really let your body deeply relax and find stillness in your mind.

    • We’ll do a guided visualisation and meditation to connect you to your pregnancy as you find calmness & ease. With a relaxing soundscape, as the sounds wash over you they’ll support you to release and let go.

    • Self massage techniques to ease out tension and show yourself some self-care and self-love

    • Finally a yoga nidra (a deep guided relaxation) for pregnancy where you can really enjoy some time to let go and just be in your body.

    • We’ll close our mini retreat with a delicious refreshments - cake (of course!), healthy homemade nutritious treats & chocolates and refreshing drinks, and taking some time together to share and connect with liked-minded pregnant women.

    We’ll also use essential oils to aid relaxation, make a special pregnancy herbal tea to share and spend time practicing mindfulness techniques to connect you to your pregnancy. And you'll get a little goodie bag to take home too.

You will leave feeling nourished, connected and so content - really ready to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy with love and calmness. No previous yoga experience is necessary - open to EVERYONE from 14 weeks right up to birth.

I hope you can join me. Susan x

"I've always been a bit wary and nervous of yoga (including pregnancy yoga) and have been put off through fear of not knowing any terminology / thinking I'm not supple or fit enough. This was a brilliant, easy to follow introduction and I really enjoyed the whole session. Thank you Susan "   Zoe 

"I found the relaxation at the end surprisingly easy - I thought it might be difficult to switch off but I actually really felt relaxed and was able to clear my mind and focus on my breathing, my body and the baby - it was lovely."  Alex

More information on pregnancy yoga classes and one to ones here.

Slow Sundays Yoga Workshops

Modern life can be busy and stressful, and we can often find ourselves running on empty with racing minds and exhausted bodies, unaware of how to really switch off. Taking some me-time can feel like an unavailable luxury.  But the reality is that when we are fully rested our body heals, our minds find clarity and our sense of energy and vitality is restored.   These regular Slow Sundays yoga workshops are gentle yet powerful, an opportunity to slow down, pause, and unwind. We will systematically move, stretch, breathe and deeply relax, setting you up for the week ahead. Ensuring you are putting yourself first (for once) and you feel just brilliant. 

What we'll do:

  • starting with centering and connection to the breath to arrive into ourselves

  • moving onto gentle slow-flowing postures, stretches,

  • then into longer held yin yoga postures to deeply release into the connective tissue

  • and then to restorative yoga using lot of props to support you to release

  • using simple yet effective breathing techniques to restore balance and calm

  • finally we end with a beautiful deep guided relaxation (called a yoga nidra).

All this accompanied by a beautiful soundscape, aromatherapy oils and candlelight to add to the feeling of tranquility and restfulness in this gorgeous space.

Suitable for all levels of yoga practice. Beginners  and those totally new to yoga are very welcome.  

Upcoming Slow Sunday Yoga dates are:

  • Sunday 30th June 2019 - SOLD OUT

  • September 22nd 2019 - open for booking

  • October 20th 2019 - open for booking

  • November 24th 2019 - open for booking


£15 for a sumptuous 2  1/2  hour workshop. 

Includes home made chocolates at the end too.  More information and booking here.

Yoga For Better Sleep Workshop // 28th July 2019

4pm to 6.15pm York Yoga Studio, 112 Acomb Road, York

more details here

It seems like sleep should be a completely natural and problem-free activity, as it requires no effort, either mental or physical. But so many of us have trouble either falling asleep or sleeping long enough or well enough to feel rested when we wake up. One problem is that we carry the tensions of the day—the residue of mental and physical effort—into the time when we should be sleeping. Our nervous system doesn’t let down its guard in the body or the mind, the stress response is still activate and stress hormones are still flowing through our body - so either we can’t get to sleep or it stays on the alert while we’re sleeping. Yoga can help this ever growing problem in many ways. We can calm the nervous system through movement, held postures and breath work, and relieve residual tension in the body and mind, we can use meditation, guided relaxation and sound to invite a relaxed state of contentment that welcomes the sandman. We’ll take a holistic approach looking also at essential oils, herbal drinks and the science of sleep to create a unique sleep ritual that works for you.

For more details and to book your place - head to the Yoga For Better Sleep page here

*COMING SOON* Creative Workshops 

Taking time to create something,  to do something different from your 'everyday life', and take joy in what you create can be so fulfilling and also help the mind to relax. These new creative workshops are a way to do something a little different, while helping us to be in the moment and be more mindful and in the flow. A really great way to learn something new, to create something (no, you don't have to be 'creative' to enjoy this - and in fact we all have so much creativity deep within us) and take away a new skill you can then do more of at home to relax and be more present.

As a creative director of some 15 years, and a genuine 'Blue Peter kid' (is it even still on the tv??) I have a deep love of all things design, craft and making. Being absorbed in creating something really takes you to another place in your brain, lets you relax and simply enjoy the act of creating. So in these workshops you'll learn from my own design training and love of art, design and craft whilst having fun learning a skill and taking something unique home that you have created. These workshops are all about exploring, making mistakes, and having fun. There will also be copious amounts of tea and cake and some atmospheric grooves to add to your enjoyment. I'm really looking forward to sharing these with you. 

 If you'd like to be the first to know about these workshops, please drop me an email or use the button below and you'll be 'on the list'! 

Fertility Yoga  Workshop 

Next workshop Spring/Summer 2019 - dates tbc | Register your interest now.

Fertility Yoga for supporting your journey to motherhood. For women who are planning to start a family soon and want to prepare themselves, women trying to conceive, struggling to conceive, or looking at assisted fertility treatment. More information on Fertility Yoga here. 


Yoga Workshop & Retreat Venues 

York Yoga Studio,  112 Acomb Road, York,  YO24 4EY (view map)  Plenty of easy and free onstreet parking available.

 Stables Yoga Centre, 10a Nunmill Street, York, Y023 1NU (view map)  Parking available onstreet, or pay and display carpark (2 hours for 80p)

Yoga mats and props are provided for you at ALL venues (but you are very welcome to bring your own if you prefer).