Fertility Yoga 

I offer specialist Fertility Yoga in a number of ways to suit you and your life. As a half day introductory workshop, a 6 week group programme of classes, or as private 1 to 1 sessions. 



How fertility yoga can benefit women

Fertility experts talk about how emotional and mental wellbeing can affect your physical well being, and how achieving a strong mind-body connection can have a positive influence on your chances of conception. Many people need support in reaching a relaxed and optimistic mind-set during what can be a very stressful time. Eliminating unnecessary stress is very important when trying to conceive (studies show women with high stress levels often have a harder time getting pregnant),  and this is a key way that yoga can help you. Here are some others: 

Yoga is an effective way of:

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • creating a positive mind-set

  • reconnecting with your body and reproductive system

  • learning relaxation techniques to use anytime

  • being proactive on your conception journey so you feel more in control

Of course I cannot guarantee that fertility yoga techniques will get you pregnant, but everything suggested in the workshops/courses/1 to 1's is worth doing in its own right, because it will make your lift better, whether or not it results in a pregnancy.

The six week Fertility Yoga programme 

This six week programme is for supporting your journey to motherhood. For women who are planning to start a family soon and want to prepare themselves, women trying to conceive, struggling to conceive for the first time or with subsequent pregnancies, women trying to conceive after miscarriage,  or women looking at assisted fertility treatment.


What we'll do

We’ll work with a range of yoga techniques, including:

  • yoga postures to support the endocrine system and optimize blood flow to the pelvic region

  • restorative yoga postures to self-nurture and nourish and allow the body to deeply rest

  • breathing techniques to reconnect with yourself

  • deep relaxation practices

  • guided visualisations

  • positive affirmations

  • We'll also look at lifestyle changes, nutrition and complementary therapies.

So many unique extras too...

You’ll develop a toolkit of yoga and relaxation techniques that you can use between sessions and after the course. Also included in the course is a wide range of unique extra's created especially for this course, including:

  • .mp3 audio relaxations to download

  • .mp3 guided visualisations to download

  • .pdf guides on subjects including breathing techniques, fertility nutrition, lifestyle changes, complementary fertility therapies and cycle awareness

  • worksheets on subjects including yoga self-care, gratitude journaling, mindfulness for fertility

  • unique video content of postures and sequences

Our six meetings plus the added extras mean that you will leave the course with so many wonderful tools and information you can use straight away and long after the course too.

Connect with other women

You also get to meet regularly with other women who are experiencing similar difficulties on their journey to becoming a mother. Having a safe shared space where you can be open and feel supported can be very beneficial. You can also join a private Facebook support group to keep connected and share information after the workshop.


Fertility Yoga group course - dates & times

NEW course - starting September 2019

Six week course, on these dates: SUNDAYS: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th September. 6th & 13th October 2019

Time: 6pm to 7.30pm


York Yoga Studio, 112 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4EY


£90 for the six week course (including all the brilliant extras above)


Please contact Susan for full course details and to make a booking enquiry -  by  email yogaformodernlife@outlook.com, calling 07954 238 424 or use the form below.

Places are limited for this course, so please book as soon as you can to ensure your place.

Fertility Yoga Course - book or enquire:

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Fertility Yoga - half day workshop

A half day workshop is an introduction to some of the yoga concepts covered in the 6 week course. You'll get a great little overview of how yoga can help you on your fertility journey. And you'll experience a number of different yoga practices during the workshop including:

  • restorative yoga postures for fertility, to aid relaxation and release stress

  • yoga postures to support blood flow to the pelvic region and endocrine system

  • guided visualisation

  • deep relaxation

  • breathing exercises

  • how to use positive affirmation for fertility

We'll also look at other key ways to help your fertility including:

  • nutrition for fertility (and you'll get to try some delicious & nutritious fertility focussed treats)

  • simple lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference

  • You'll learn about other complementary therapists who specialise in the field of fertility and will share their expert knowledge with you

  • And you get to connect with other women who are experiencing the similar fertility problems to you, in a safe space, and this support and freedom to talk can be invaluable according to past participants.

In addition you'll go home with these lovely extras to support you AFTER the workshop:

  • a gorgeous guided relaxation mp3

  • a simple yet powerful guided breathing practice mp3

  • membership of a private Facebook support group

  • a follow up email after the workshop to ask any questions or get any further clarification.


York Yoga Studio, 112 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4EY

Dates & Times: 

To be confirmed - next workshop is likely to be Winter 2019 / Spring 2020


£35 for a half day workshop (including gorgeous home-made fertility focussed refreshments)


Please contact Susan for full workshop details and to make a booking enquiry -  by  email yogaformodernlife@outlook.com, calling 07954 238 424 or use the form below.

Fertility Yoga - private 1 to 1 yoga sessions

If you are unable to make the course, or would just like to have some one to one private fertility yoga sessions with me please do get in touch. I offer a Fertility Yoga Programme over 6 weeks (not necessarily consecutive weeks) on a one to one basis which I can discuss more with you. The course can be tailored to your specific requirements including your menstrual cycle, any known fertility issues, and any assisted fertility treatment you are undergoing or about to undergo.

To find out more please drop me an email yogaformodernlife@outlook.com or you can can me on 07954 238 424, or use the form below. 

Feedback from previous course participants:

“I loved permission to rest and visualise myself in such a positive way. The restorative postures felt comforting as did sharing the experience with others who really understand. It's a place to park the emotions for an hour and a half, and allow self-care to take place”  

“The relaxations and visualisations have been really helpful. They helped me to visualise my body, being healthy and fertile and remind myself of this mantra when I find myself feeling broken”

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I can't say enough about how helpful your sessions were. When we started I was going through my second miscarriage I felt I was going out of my mind, and your sessions helped me to pick myself back again and cope with my grief."

"I do some of the fertility yoga poses before I go to bed almost every day as I find them calming and relaxing."