Yoga Classes & Workshops

Yoga Classes & Workshops Timetable

Here's my current timetable for weekly yoga classes and monthly yoga workshops, in and around York. Learn more about each class in the 'yoga styles' section below, and scroll down for full addresses of studios and links to maps too. I look forward to seeing you in a class soon! 

Autumn 2019

Here is my new Autumn timetable, do get in touch for any more details and to book a place.

Autumn timetable yoga for modern life susan york.png

~ Mondays ~

7.15pm – 8.30pm | Pregnancy Yoga | The Hive, Manor School, Poppleton

1pm to 2.30pm  | Mum & Baby Yoga | All Saints Hall, Stations Road, Poppleton 

~ Tuesdays ~

10.45am to 12.15pm  | Mum & Baby Yoga | All Saints Hall, Stations Road, Poppleton 

Evening - watch put for NEW Pop Up courses, classes & one off events

~ Wednesdays ~

Times by appointment | Private one to one yoga sessions | More information here

~ Thursdays ~

1.15pm to 2.15pm | Baby Massage  | York Yoga Studio  | next course starts 12th September

6pm to 7.15pm | Yoga For All - yoga for everyone  | York Yoga Studio*

7.30pm – 8.45m | Pregnancy Yoga |  York Yoga Studio 

~ Friday ~

12.30 - 1.30pm | Lunchtime Yoga | York Yoga Studio* | BACK from 13th September

7.30pm - 9pm | Modern Mothers Yoga Social | 13th Sept, 20th Oct

2pm – 5pm | Pregnancy Yoga Mini Retreat |  York Yoga Studio  | 13th September

~ Saturdays ~

Hypnobirthing Classes  |  Complete birth preparation. Weekend Courses every month over 2 days:  14th & 21st Sept,12th & 19th Oct, 16th & 23rd Nov 2019 . More information on Hypnobirthing  classes in York here

~ Sundays ~

Fertility Yoga Course | Next 6 week course starts September 2019 | York Yoga Studio

Fertility Yoga for supporting your journey to motherhood. For women who are planning to start a family soon and want to prepare themselves, women trying to conceive, struggling to conceive, or looking at assisted fertility treatment. More information on Fertility Yoga here. 

2.30pm – 5pm | Slow Sundays Workshop | York Yoga Studio, York | Next dates booking now: 22nd September, 20th October, 24th Nov 2019

Enjoy some gorgeous yoga 'me-time'. These monthly Slow Sundays yoga workshops are gentle yet powerful, an opportunity to slow down, pause, and unwind. We will systematically move, stretch, breathe and deeply relax, setting you up for the week ahead. Ensuring you are putting yourself first (for once) and you feel just brilliant. More information and book Slow Sundays yoga workshops here.

4pm to 6.15pm pm | Yoga For Better Sleep Workshop | York Yoga Studio, York | 28th July 2019 | Booking now

Find out how yoga can help you to sleep better. We’ll look at the science of sleep and how the ancient practices of yoga are so applicable to the modern sleep epidemic. Including movement and postures, breathing practices, meditation, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. As well as looking at sleep rituals, lifestyle factors and simple herbal drinks and remedies. For more details on Yoga For Better Sleep head here.

* All classes  York Yoga Studio (except Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Massage, Mothers Yoga Social, Slow Sundays - book those with me directly)  are booked directly with the studio. Please call the studio on 01904 785704 or email to book your place. 

All OTHER classes (Pregnancy Yoga, Mum & Baby Yoga, Baby Massage) are booked directly with me, and are booked in  terms (usually 6 or 7 weeks, depending on the term dates), this gives you a few classes to start to feel the benefit and make yoga part of your life. Classes are limited in space, so it is necessary to book a place. If you miss a class you may be able to attend another one in the same block - just let me know. You are very welcome to start at any point in a block (if there is space in the class), and just pay for the classes remaining in the block. Use the 'Make a booking or enquiry' button above to book on.

Workshops - The longer monthly workshops (like Slow Sundays, Mothers Yoga Social) are booked individually, book with me.

Courses - like the Fertility Yoga course are booked as whole courses, book with me.

Yoga Styles

Pregnancy Yoga - weekly classes in York

During pregnancy yoga can help to support mothers-to-be both emotionally and physically. These classes give expectant mothers the faith, awareness and practical tools to respond creatively and positively to the challenges of pregnancy, birthing and mothering in the modern world. You will develop strength, flexibility and breath awareness for pregnancy and birth. These classes also give you some time to nurture yourself and connect with your baby at this very special time. Also a great way to meet other mums to be in an supportive and friendly environment. 

During pregnancy, yoga can: 

  • keep the body supple without straining

  • boost energy

  • relieve stress and anxiety

  • promote relaxation and restful sleep

  • provide you with techniques to use during labour

  • relieve common minor pregnancy ailments such as heartburn, swollen joints and constipation

  • help expecting mothers to bond with your unborn baby through breathing and visualisation techniques

We work through breathing techniques, adapted yoga postures for the pregnant body, pelvic floor exercises, stamina building and deep relaxations, that encourage you to tune into your own body and your baby too. 

Open to women from 14 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of your baby (or babies). No previous yoga experience required (and many women have never been to a yoga class before). 

Cost: £48 per six week block , includes specially recorded relaxations and breathing practices (mp3's) for you to use at home between classes. Start at any time during a block of classes. 

Find out more about my Pregnancy Yoga classes in York here.


Mum & Baby Yoga

Mum & Baby yoga (also known as post natal yoga) is yoga specially for mums with small babies. It's yoga for YOU, but baby comes too for some lovely time together breathing, moving and relaxing. The classes create a wonderful community atmosphere that provide emotional and physical support. They are friendly, fun and easy going classes taught in a safe and nurturing environment.

The main body of the class is created around gentle stretches and postures that release the regular parental tensions; sore neck, shoulders and back. We also gently re-engage with your core and the pelvic floor to help strengthen these important areas. The babies take part too with some nursery rhymes and songs, and then we end the class with a quiet relaxation time to nourish tired minds and allow you extra time to bond with your baby.

The yoga and relaxation will be followed by time for tea & biscuits, so you have time to chat and connect with other mums too.

Find out more about Mum & Baby yoga classes in York here.


Pregnancy Yoga // Mini Retreat // York Yoga Studio 

NEXT DATES COMING SOON | 2pm to 5pm | York Yoga Studio, York

A gorgeous afternoon of nurturing yoga for all pregnant ladies, from 14 weeks to birth. Perfect for women who can't make a weekly pregnancy yoga class, or who want some extra yoga me-time in pregnancy. Includes movement, calming and focussing breath work, deep relaxation, visualisations, positive affirmations in a lovely setting with other mums-to-be. You'll leave feeling revived, relaxed and taken care of. There will be homemade smoothies, nutritious snacks, cake and chocolate too. ANd we'll end with some delicious and refreshing cocktails (alcohol free of course!!)  - what more could you want? Find out more about my More information on pregnancy yoga mini retreat & workshop here.


"I've always been a bit wary and nervous of yoga (including pregnancy yoga) and have been put off through fear of not knowing any terminology / thinking I'm not supple or fit enough. This was a brilliant, easy to follow introduction and I really enjoyed the whole session. Thank you Susan "   Zoe 

"I found the relaxation at the end surprisingly easy - I thought it might be difficult to switch off but I actually really felt relaxed and was able to clear my mind and focus on my breathing, my body and the baby - it was lovely."  Alex

More information on pregnancy yoga classes and one to ones here.

Slow Down Yoga - by candle light

Feeling frazzled by life? Then come and slow down, de-stress, find some stillness and melt away tension in body and mind with my weekly ‘Slow Down Yoga’ class. This gentle yet powerful class is an opportunity to really slow down, pause, and unwind. We will systematically move, stretch, breathe and deeply relax, creating space in body and mind. We'll move through some gentle slow-flowing yoga postures, simple yet effective breathing techniques to restore balance and calm to the mind, onto deeper stretching postures (called Yin Yoga) to release deeply held tension, and finish with a restorative yoga posture and a deep relaxation. All this with beautiful candlelight to add to the feeling of tranquillity and restfulness. You will leave feeling wonderfully calm, quiet and relaxed, and ready for a great nights sleep.  Suitable for all levels including beginners. 

Cost: £49 per seven week block. Drop in also available if space in the class at £8 / £9 (but pre-booking is recommended as space is limited). Booking for this class is directly with York Yoga Studio - 01904 785704 

Yin Yoga 

Yin yoga is a stilling practice which allows body and mind to enter into a deep state of release. Melt away stresses and worries and create space in your body, mind and life.

What you can expect from this class:  In this subtle yet profound practice, you will develop inner awareness and serenity as you soften into mainly reclined and seated postures. Holding these poses for 3 minutes or more encourages muscles to relax and yield to gravity, allowing the connective tissue (fascia, tendons, ligaments) to be targeted and released - unravelling areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice cannot always access. The focus is on observing feeling, and really tuning into the sensations of the body as you move into stillness, peace and attentiveness.  

The practice is available to all who want to slow down and soften. From beginners through to those with a very dynamic yoga or sports practice who are looking to balance it with a cooling, meditative approach - and everyone in between. The perfect antidote for those people feeling tight, tense and frazzled by modern life. 


Yoga For Beginners

Starting something new can often feel a little daunting, so this beginners class provides a friendly, safe space to begin your practice. Based on the Hatha style of yoga, these classes offer a little more time and instruction on the basics of yoga, that become the solid foundations of our yoga practice. We will work mindfully through yoga postures  (standing, seated and lying) investigating alignment for your body,  work with simple breathing techniques and explore relaxation of body and mind too.  This class is also suitable for people who have done a little yoga before, but want to benefit from slowing down and revisiting the foundations of yoga. 

Cost: £42 per six week term. Drop is possible if space available at £8 / £9. Book directly with York Yoga Studio for this class.

"It was the most amazing relaxing experience, loving my beginners yoga class, best class I've ever gone to!! Feeling good today 😁 " Kirsten

Yoga For All / Hatha Yoga All Levels

A class to stretch your body, build strength and range of movement, improve flexibility and aid the relaxation of body and mind. Yoga as an antidote to the busyness of modern life, encouraging the mind to become free from stress and tension.  Daytime and evening options available. The evening class is perfect for people who work late, parents needing to put children to bed, and those wanting a great nights sleep! Suitable for all levels of fitness, and all ages. We'll work through a range of yoga postures (seated, standing and lying including some flowing sequences) working to your own level, breathing techniques and ending with a relaxation. Beginners are very welcome.  

Cost: £42 per six week block of classes. 

Classes at York Yoga Studio also available as drop-in at £9 per class, or use their 'punchcard class pass' at £8 per class.

"It's a little slice of calm in my week" Katherine

"Better than Prosecco" Sheri

Fertility Yoga  

Yoga to support a your  journey to motherhood. For women who are planning to start a family soon and want to prepare themselves, women trying to conceive, struggling to conceive, or looking at assisted fertility treatment. Fertility experts talk about how emotional and mental wellbeing can affect your physical wellbeing, and how achieving a strong mind-body connection can have a positive influence on your chances of conception. Many people need support in reaching a relaxed and optimistic mind-set during what can be a very stressful time. This is where yoga can help you. No previous yoga experience required. Further information and booking here.

"I loved permission to rest and visualise myself in such a positive way. The restorative postures felt comforting as did sharing the experience with others who really understand. It's a place to park the emotions for an hour and a half and allow self care to take place" Anon

Slow Sundays workshop

Modern life can be busy and stressful, and we can often find ourselves running on empty with racing minds and exhausted bodies, unaware of how to really switch off. Taking some me-time can feel like an unavailable luxury.  But the reality is that when we are fully rested our body heals, our minds find clarity and our sense of energy and vitality is restored.   These regular Slow Sundays yoga workshops are gentle yet powerful, an opportunity to slow down, pause, and unwind. We will systematically move, stretch, breathe and deeply relax, setting you up for the week ahead. Ensuring you are putting yourself first (for once) and you feel just brilliant.  Incorporating gentle slow-flowing postures, stretches, and longer held restorative and yin postures, along with simple yet effective breathing techniques to restore balance and calm. We'll end with a beautiful deep guided relaxation (called a yoga nidra). Accompanied by a beautiful soundscape and candlelight to add to the feeling of tranquility and restfulness in this gorgeous space.

Suitable for all levels of yoga practice. Beginners  and those totally new to yoga are very welcome.  

Cost: £15 for a sumptuous 2  1/2  hour workshop. Includes home made chocolates at the end too.  More information and booking here.


Yoga Class Venues 

York Yoga Studio,  112 Acomb Road, York,  YO24 4EY (view map)  Plenty of easy and free onstreet parking available.

 En Pointe Studios, 2 Rose Avenue, York, YO26 6RU (view map)  Plenty of easy and free parking available in the studios car park, and surrounding roads.

All Saints Hall, Station Road, Upper Poppleton, York, YO26 6DA (view map)  Plenty of easy and free parking available.

Stables Yoga Centre, 10a Nunmill Street, York, Y023 1NU (view map)  Parking available onstreet, or pay and display carpark (2 hours for 80p)

Alissa Lawrence Yoga Studio, 2-4 Parliament Street, Harrogate, HG1

The Hive, Manor School, Millfield Ln, Nether Poppleton, York YO26 6PA. Free and easy parking right outside in their carpark.

Yoga mats and props are provided for you at ALL venues (but you are very welcome to bring your own if you prefer).

Bespoke Classes 

If you would like to have your own yoga class, for example for a group of friends or colleagues, then please get in touch. We can organise this for you at a number of great venues around York, or at a venue of your choice. This could be a one off, or a series of classes.