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Avocado Events - exclusive offers

Gorgeous Pregnancy Yoga goodies for you


I am delighted to be working with Avocado Events in York to bring you some amazing pregnancy goodies to help you feel just brilliant throughout your pregnancy. Here's what I have just for you:

  •  I have recorded a lovely Pregnancy Relaxation as an mp3, that you can download completely FREE. (see below) Its a great way to take some time to really connect with baby, feel relaxed and at ease. Also great to help better sleep.

  • Your first Pregnancy Yoga class with Yoga For Modern Life is also completely FREE. Yoga is a brilliant form of pre-natal exercise and helps your body and your mind in so many ways. Find more about Pregnancy Yoga here.

  • When you book your first set of 6 Pregnancy Yoga classes with me you get a gorgeous Pregnancy Relaxation Goodie bag worth over £30. This contains a beautiful yoga eye pillow, a relaxing aromatherapy roll, handmade aromatherapy tealights, a guided visualisation, some delicious and relaxing tea, yummy chocolate plus some other goodies too. Ahhhh blissful!

To take advantage of these lovely special offers just contact me and I can get you all booked in. Full details of my Pregnancy Yoga Classes are here.


Your FREE Avocado Events Pregnancy Relaxation 

Taking some time when you are pregnant to relax and connect with you your baby is such an important thing to do, even if just for a few minutes. This pregnancy relaxation is a lovely way to get in touch with your body and your baby. Giving you a bit of time to help you let go of feelings of needing to get stuff done, and to relax and move from 'doing mode' to simply being, by bringing you attention to your breath and your body and to your baby. 

You can do this relaxation sitting (in a chair or on the floor), but its especially lovely to do lying down.  This could be on your bed, or lying comfortably on the floor (on a soft rug, carpet or a yoga mat). Lying of your left side is recommended during pregnancy, especially later on. It can be nice to have a pillow or cushion between your legs, something to pillow your head, and perhaps a cushion/pillow under your bump. Adding a blanket is always lovely too as your body temperature will drop a little as you lie still. The most important thing is to find a comfortable position for you.    So here is the free pregnancy relaxation audio download I've recorded for you: