testimonials from my yoga classes 

"What a lovely friendly yoga class. Its great for beginners like me and I found Susan to be a very patient teacher" EP, York

"I always look forward to doing yoga with Susan, it's really helped my flexibility and my balance"     RG, York

"I would definitely recommend Susan's classes to anyone interested in yoga, from beginners to the more experienced. Thank you Susan."  RB

"Susan is the calm in the storm of modern life" LF, Yorkshire

"The yoga breathing exercises were definitely helpful during the labour, thank you  very much" KD, York

"It's a little slice of calm in my week" KS, York

"You created a very special space, and the yoga was so relaxing & nurturing - thank you!"  RP, York

" Slow Sundays are a wonderful, nourishing and way to gently stretch and have some you time. Perfect for all ability yogis to check in with their bodies and breathe. Highly recommended" ES, York  


about me

Hello I'm Susan, and I have had yoga in my life for over 18 years. I am a mother of two, and a lover of sunshine, good food, strong coffee and red wine.  I'm not particularly 'sporty' or 'bendy', and I'm certainly not a former dancer or gymnast (and I often struggle with knowing my left from my right!) In essence I'm just a normal person with a passion for sharing yoga with others.  Hoping to show you that yoga is for everyone, and can help you feel so much better in body and mind. 

 I have a real love of teaching Pregnancy Yoga, as well as sharing yoga with women who are trying to conceive with Fertility Yoga. My love of helping pregnant women and couples navigate their pregnancy and birth brilliantly, calmly and positively has also led me to become a qualified Doula and a Hypnobirthing teacher.

My yoga training and professional registration is with the Yoga Alliance (200 hour level), and I have also undertaken additional training with world renown teachers such as Nadia Narain at Triyoga, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Judith Hanson Lasater, Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers and Katharine Graves. I have further been inspired by the teachings of Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi and Norman Blair. 

about yoga for modern life

With Yoga For Modern Life my mission is to help you find some time to reconnect with yourself in this busy world. I have an inclusive, straight foward approach to yoga that simply helps you to feel good in body and mind.

My classes are friendly, supportive and nurturing and aim to foster a sense of community. I use simple language (no sanskrit), there is no chanting and no incense (although I am quite partial to using candles and aromatherapy oils to create a lovely atmosphere). Classes include yoga postures for the body, combined with simple breathing exercises and some time for guided relaxation at the end. As a teacher I shares what I enjoy, what I have experienced and explored in my own body and that which has spoken to me in some way and I feel will benefit others.  I believe that making even a small amount  of time in your life for yoga can be hugely rewarding whatever your age, fitness level, shape or size -  this yoga is for everyone. Come and give it a try!

yoga blog

You can find more about me, about yoga, and lots of other related stuff on my lovely blog here. 

come and meet me

I'm delighted to be taking part in the Bump & Baby Expo in York on Sunday 8th April. Find out more about this fab event at